Fire department stops work at Regency Mall


The efforts by Regency Mall owners to get rid of the old parking lot are on hold, again.

For months work has been underway “milling” the old asphalt, as a way to lower the owners storm water fee.

The work included plans to allow access for Fire trucks, however fire officials say the mall owners did not follow those plans so they were ordered to stop.

“Because we felt they violated those plans we gave them a stop work order so before they go back to milling, they have to put it back in shape, to where an emergency vehicle can go in we can’t stop them from milling up their parking lot but they do need to give us access,” said Fire Chief Chris James.

James says the owners don’t have to built a new road they just need put down gravel or other materials that would allow access .

James was asked to report back to commissioners in two weeks with an update.

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