AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Film Augusta and Film Columbia County are joining together for a unique partnership. Both film organizations hosted a group of film location managers from Atlanta on a tour of the area. By working together, the two film commissions hope to sell Augusta’s region to film industry professionals.

“We’re looking for things that tell the story as quickly as possible so that that audience can get on with the movie,” explained Dan Gorman.

It’s Film Augusta and Film Columbia County’s effort to showcase the area’s diverse variety of places to film.

“The more things that look like it’s supposed to be, the more attractive it will be to us,” said Gorman.

The tour started on Friday night with a walkthrough of Augusta’s old jail. The scouts will take photos and submit them to a director or writer. Gorman says the tax incentive makes towns like Augusta attractive to large film industries outside of Atlanta.

“Georgia is building an infrastructure much better than a lot of other states,” said Gorman. “Having tax incentives is a major contribution having all these people working here making for the state. an for us.”

On Sunday, the scouts made their way to the sheriff’s office training track in Columbia County. Robbie Bennett says introducing film industries to the area will continue to help Augusta’s growing diverse economy.

“Georgia sees a lot of this growth with this industry coming in,” explained Bennett. “We want to help, and we want to be apart of it and give some unique opportunities. The best way to do that is by showcasing our assets together.”

The executive director for Columbia County Development Authority says showcasing the area shows that both film offices are committed to growing the film industry in the region.

“We want to see that investment happening, because as they can invest in community: it helps generate new tourism and new interest in the community in ways that we haven’t seen,” said Bennett.

Other locations during the tour included Daniel Field Airport and churches in Downtown Augusta. The tour wrapped up Sunday in Harlem.