SANDERSVILLE, Ga. ( WJBF) — What started out as a fun event turned deadly when shots rang out at the “Freaknik” festival Sunday.

“You just heard gunshots go off and then the whole crowd just started running. Everybody just started hiding behind cars and stuff and a lot of folks were rushing out with cars because the whole field was packed,” Timothy Pace said.

17-year-old William Mykell Lowery and 30-year-old Christopher “Scooter” Dunn were shot and killed at the festival held at the Larry Mitchell Ball Park.

“It’s the first time somebody ended up dead at an event down here so it’s kind of crazy,” Pace said.

Timothy Pace said he was one of many who ran once they heard gunshots.

“It’s crazy because it could have been any one of us. It could have been me,” Pace said.

He said the crowded event had little to no security and there was no bag check prior to entering.

“It was just too many people and not enough searching. You just come into a field, and you drive in so there wasn’t really any searching or anything like that,” Pace said.

No suspects have been identified yet.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office and GBI are investigating the shooting.