Federal unemployment benefits expiring in the CSRA; many jobs are available


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Many CSRA businesses are looking for hardworking employees.

“It’s definitely been a trying time hasn’t it? It sure has,” said TBonz co-owner Tom Jastrom.

Federal unemployment benefits will no longer be available in the two-state after June 26th.

“I was for it and am for it. It was a tough time but sooner or later the country has to go back to work,” said Jastrom.

The CSRA is open for business and there are many jobs that need to be filled.

Augusta Economic Development Authority President Cal Wray said, “You can see the signs on the restaurants but our manufacturing base that employs a large amount in our community, they’re all looking for people. So if someone wants a job, there’s a job to be had.”

Right now, the US Department of Labor Statistics reports the unemployment rate in Augusta-Richmond County is 3.8%

“Continues to improve. Obviously, unemployment is still higher than pre-COVID, before COVID began, but manufacturers are doing strong,” said Wray.

Things haven’t been too tough at TBonz in Augusta over the course of the pandemic according to Jastrom but they’re still looking for quality workers.

He said, “If you can keep your core of people, you’re much better off than most other places especially in the restaurant business.”

Wray added, “A lot of these places, they’re willing to train and they’re willing for you to improve your skillsets which generally leads to higher wages later. They’re great environments to work in. They’re great corporate citizens. They’re great places to work.”

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