AUGUSTA — The Federal Election Commission is investigating United States House of Representatives Candidate Eugene Yu after allegations of campaign finance violations.

News Channel 6 obtained documents that show correspondence between the Federal Election Commission and Eugene Yu’s former campaign team.

This investigation is in reference to Yu’s 2014 run for Senate, which you’ll remember he ended up changing to run for the House of Representatives instead.

This is not related to his current campaign for Georgia’s 12th congressional district.

In the documents, the commission says there is reason to believe Yu and his campaign committee violated federal law.

The legal documents say Yu made more than $700,000 in personal loans to his campaign.

After further research, the commission is now questioning how he came up with that money.

The documents say that Yu reported no salary or earned income on his financial reports.

They also say he does not have enough liquid assets to get a loan from the bank.

The correspondence shows that Yu and his former campaign team have replied to the elections commission, basically stating that the loans were from personal money Yu had.

However, the documents say no proof has been shown.

According to federal law, candidates can make personal contributions to their campaign, but the government has to know where the money came from.

If a candidate borrows money from a bank, it needs to be reported.

These laws were created to prevent candidates from receiving large amounts of money from people, companies, or other countries.

The Federal Election Commission can refer their findings to the Department of Justice.

Both agencies are not commenting on the matter.

State law says that campaign violators will be fined, and knowing and willful violations can lead to prison time.

We did reach out to Eugene Yu’s current and former campaign team’s for comment.

Mr. Yu says he is willing to do an interview with us next week.