Family to donate organs of child killed in Aiken County arson


WARRENVILLE, SC (WJBF) –We now know more about two Aiken County fires ruled as arson. Police documents state that Clifford Beaudin Jr. admitted to setting his parents’ house on fire and another nearby home.

But inside those homes were Beaudin’s family, another family and 10-year-old Kason Adams.

“He was the middle child and the middle child is usually the peacemaker,” said Tanja Adams, as she recalled fond memories of her nephew Kason.

“I told him that he was going to do construction or something when he was older because I’ve never seen a 10-year-old child who loved to use a hammer and nails,” she laughed at the memory.

A shy boy that opened up quickly, Adams said KK, as she affectionately called him, spent a lot of time at the Randall home on Lamar Street.

“His best friend Tyler, they were together literally almost everyday. He stayed at Tyler’s house hundreds of times,” Adams said adding her nephew enjoyed playing video games and hanging out with his best friend, something he would do at the Lamar Street home until he fell asleep.

What he did not expect on July 11th was an arson.

Aiken County investigators report that Clifford Beaudin Jr. admitted to setting the Randall home on fire early Saturday morning because he “terrorists were practicing black magic and had turned the love of his life Riley, into Brittany Randall.”

Adams said the family knew Beaudin.

“They’ve grown up knowing who he is as children. He grew up around the area that they lived in. He’s even had, when he was younger, sleep overs with them as a child,” Adams said of her husband’s family because she’s an in-law.

About four hours later, Beaudin is accused of setting fire to his parents’ home on Sumter Street, not even half a mile away from the first fire. Reports show that Beaudin believed his parents were terrorists who sold his poetry for money. He is charged with arson, attempted murder and murder. While both the parents and members of the Randall family made it out of the home safely, Kason did not.

“When they originally went in there, they woke up to the smell of smoke and smoke can make you really disoriented. I think they were in a rush to get everybody out of the house,” she said adding that she thinks the Randall family did not know her nephew was asleep on the floor.

Now, Kason is being kept on a ventilator in hopes that his organs can be donated.

Adams added, “I’ve seen where patients have met up with their organ donors and been able to listen to their child’s heart through a stethoscope. Just to know that this may be a possibility for this family I feel like is very comforting.”

She told us Kason’s family wants to share with others to keep your children close because you never know which day can be your last, so just love.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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