AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Christmas will be a little bit brighter for patients at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

Zayden Wright, was a former patient at the Children’s Hospital who passed away in 2018. His family has been giving back to the hospital for the past three years.

“Through his many visits here we’ve come to know all the staff and love all the staff and our son passed away, Zayden Wright and after he passed away we decided to start a foundation to keep his legacy going so we started the Zayday Foundation and Zayday Foundation is all about making little kids hearts smile,” said one of Zayden’s father, who affectionately goes by “Zackta Claus”.

The family pulled up to the hospital and had collected enough toys to fill 4 up four trucks, and say they’re doing it to honor Zayden’s memory.

“Zayden was an incredible kid. I told the parents earlier, he had this infectious smile and he walked in the room and even though he didn’t feel good, his smile would light up the entire room,” said Child life specialist Stephanie Grayson.

“Our son’s energy was so big, he had a big heart and it seems like, I know for sure his spirit is still here,” said Shonda Wright , Zayden’s mother.

The Children’s Hospital of Georgia is the only facility in the CSRA dedicated exclusively to children, and it’s clear that bond that has formed between the hospital and the family will last a lifetime.

“They remember us, They know what it’s like to be in the hospital and so they get what we do and get how a toy can make a difference,” said Grayson.

“The love that you guys give to children, it’s a natural thing and just seeing the smiles, even with what they’re going through, the love that you guys provide as if they’re not having these procedures every day. Just thank you. I want to say thank you to the Children’s Hospital of Augusta,” said Shonda.