Fairness of storm water fee debated


It’s  country versus city and Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle believes those in Augusta’s rural area are getting short-changed on the storm water fee

 “It’s rural area.we don’t have the same makeup or the same level of service,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

Guilfoyle, trying to convince the commission to exempt rural augusta from paying the storm water fee, that would include  some in Commission Ben Hasan’s district,  he says exempting some residents would create a logistical problems. 

 “From the  people who provide the service whether it’s the contractors whether it’s our city employees if we catch you across the street the other side of the street we’re going to terminate you do we want to get into that,” says Commissioner Hasan. 

Other Commissioners say Guilfoyle is forgetting it was the storm water fee that fixed Patterson Bridge when it washed stranding hundreds in his district. 

 “The first project was a major project  Patterson bridge road washout that was nearly a million dollars and that was done in a rural type area,” said Commissioner Sammie Sias. 

 “If we had maintained and properly fixed it in the beginning we wouldn’t have had to use the storm water,” said Guilfoyle. 

But other commissioners say if rural areas are not getting any storm water  work they shouldn’t be paying a storm water fee. 

 “When you pay for service that your not getting I think that is unfair, the storm water fee needs to be look at again for sure.

Opponents are accusing Guilfoyle of  playing politics with storm water in the election season.

 “I’m not running for election George It’s plane and simple,:” said Guilfoyle, “We have nothing to gain out of this except to look out for the people.”

Commissioenr Ben Hasan says storm water is a new program and there will be glitches, and said when the program  was approved commissioners agreed  to review it in five years, as for now the Engineering committee feels rural residents do not need a break from the fee and took no action on the excemption. 

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