Extra security at Muni Building comes with extra cost


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The cost of security at Augusta’s Municipal Building has some city leaders raising questions.

Ten days ago, city employees joined the general public in security screenings when entering the building.

This prompted the Marshal’s Office to request another x-ray machine to handle the increase in traffic.

The Marshal was already in the process of replacing the old machine that was breaking down.

But it comes at a cost of about $50 thousand dollars.

“What bothers me now, we talked about doing it and approved it and told him. Okay now we are talking about more equipment. We asked him, did he need more equipment? He said no. He said he would use what he had. He had a wand and that type thing and I’m afraid of that,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Chief Deputy Marshal Scott Peebles says since both machines are under $25,000 each, the requests could be handled through the administrator without the commission.

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