EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – It is National Dog Bite Prevention Week and dog behavior experts are giving advice on how to enjoy our furry friends, and stay safe.

Even though dogs can be nice, learning the best way to interact with them can prevent dog biting incidents.

Experts say millions of people are bitten by dogs every day.

Mandy Foster with Paws for life in Evans specializes in dog training. She says, in most cases,  children are more likely than adults, to be bitten by dogs.

“And that’s just simply because there’s so much stuff on social media you see these cute videos these cute pictures of kids interacting with dogs with them laying on dogs hugging them and that kind of thing and that’s actually very, very dangerous,” said Mandy Foster, Paws for life LLC

Dog behavioral specialists say certain interactions with dogs can cause them to bite.

It’s important to train your dogs properly to avoid dangerous situations.

“Even with their family dogs who they’ve been with forever you just never know the different things that can cause a dog to turn a bite like pain discomfort of any kind anxiety so it’s just really important to respect the dog’s space,” said Foster.

Columbia County has a leash law. It requires owners to have their dogs on a leash while in public or at dog parks.

Foster says if you see a dog, and want to pet it,  it’s important to ask for the owner’s permission. 

“What ends up happening is a lot of times we see people that let their dogs off leash even at some of the local parks and they approach dogs and they have no idea what this dog might do.”

Foster says if you can, try to keep your dogs away from infants and children.