AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The restrooms at the Lake Olmstead entrance to the Augusta Canal have been in place for 7 years but right now, things are not good to go.

“And It’s unacceptable that it is closed down it really is it’s unfortunate how is the city supposed to enjoy the park this time of year it’s fall the temperatures are great,” said April Daniel.

Canal visitors expecting to use the restrooms are being greeted with a locked door and a sign saying, “Due to continuous facility abuse, the restrooms will be closed until a solution is in place.”

“It’s new. When I have been there, it has been clean. It’s kind of a waste of taxpayer money to have to lock it up,” said Tracy Parks.

That’s been the situation since late last week. Canal Authority Administrative Assistant Tawna Spears says the problem is excessive vandalism and those using the restrooms as shelter. “Using the restrooms as their housing at night and a lot of people are abusing the bathroom situation, I won’t say how nasty and disgusting it is.”

Spears says the solution is to hire a new employee to monitor and clean the restrooms. They will be on the job next Monday. “This wasn’t in the budget. This wasn’t something thought we would ever have to do but here we are.”

“These are great grounds for everybody to come and enjoy and everybody should have access to a restroom,” said Daniel.