EVANS, GA (WJBF) – Due to some technical difficulties, “Evans on Ice” is temporarily closed for the holiday season.

“We’ve had kind of a rough go of it the last few days. We had some power issues which put our equipment into protection mode. We’ve really been trying hard to identify the source of the issue is and it’s been a tricky one, but with the help of Columbia County and Georgia Power we were able to figure it out. We believe we have it fixed and so we’re going to start the process of rebuilding our ice over the course of the next few nights and ideally we’re going to get back open for next weekend the 7th, 8th, and 9th for the bonus weekend we had talked to people about,” said Mike Boerner, owner of Evans on Ice.

If Evans on Ice can build up the ice in time, they hope to do one more weekend. You can go to the group’s website to find out if the bonus weekend is happening. They appreciate the community’s support in making this one of their biggest seasons ever.

“We appreciate the support, it was a really good season. It was well attended, even during the week,” said Boerner.

With all the success, Evans on Ice plans on returning next year.