A 7-year old Evans boy is making it his mission to make sure every dog in America finds a forever home and he’s getting some help from a national talk show host.

Meet Roman McConn. He’s a little kid with a huge heart for animals.

“They don’t deserve to be in shelters. They deserve to be in homes where they can have fun and be a part of the family,” said McConn.

In fact, his heart is so huge that for his fourth birthday, he decided to raise money for a local shelter where he lived.

“So, we raised donations and I went with my mom to the shelter every weekend to make videos for dogs so they could get adopted,” said McConn.

That’s where, “Project Freedom Ride” comes in.  

It’s a non-profit that he and his mom started to help get animals out of shelters and into forever homes.

“Our first transport had about thirty dogs,” said McConn.

Now, “Project Freedom Ride” has rescued and transported more than 1,000 dogs from across the country with the help of volunteers.  

The non-profit just got some national attention and help from Steve Harvey after Roman appeared on his show, Tuesday.

“We got $5,000 donated from the Steve Harvey Show to get treats and stuff for the dogs during their transports,” said McConn.

It’s a huge, unexpected gift that Roman McConn hopes will go a long way in his fight to save lives.

McConn hopes you can help him.

“I hope they can help us by adopting these poor dogs that are just living lonely and don’t have any family, getting owner surrendered or dumped in the middle of nowhere…stranded out in the gas station with no food or water. It just really makes me sad,” said McConn.

If you’d like to help volunteer, head to “Project Freedom Ride’s” Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectFreedomRide/