EVANS, GA. (WJBF)- Lillian Lee-Sin is the only student in the state of Georgia standing against gun violence as a member of Project Unloaded. 

“Even if we weren’t being shot at, there was this idea that something can change within the next second,” Lee-Sin said.

It’s a program that invites students from all over the country to educate people on gun safety.

“Gun violence is now the leading cause of death for children and teens in this country,” Project Unloaded Founder Nina Vinik said.

Founder Nina Vinik says she wanted to choose a group that is largely impacted.

“Based on our research, 30 percent of young people in Gen-Z say that they have had a personal experience themselves– personally– with gun violence,” Vinik said.

The Evans High School sophomore is drawing from her personal experience for the project.

“I grew up in Miami and the school I went to there was often people running from the cops through the school with guns, so it was almost like an actual code-red we would treat it like there were shooters through the school,” Lee-Sin said.

Lee-Sin said the group began a campaign on social platforms.

“SNUG- which means Safer Not Using Guns and so people, like, even members of the youth council like us– will make videos that reach young people because everybody is always on their phones.”

“Change at a young age is important because it’s our future that we’re impacting, so when I heard about Project Unloaded, I was like ‘I wanna make a difference so I’m gonna go for this,’” Lee-Sin said.

Lee-Sin just wants to make sure no other student or person feels the way she felt once before, so she’s grateful to project unloaded for urging Gun violence awareness.