EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – Theatre is alive and well at Evans High School.

“Our theatre program is such a vital beating heart of this school. For many of these individuals, this is the place they can come and feel free to express themselves. You know that this environment is always going to be intensely positive and supportive of one another and it allows people to really express themselves in their most authentic way,” said Director of Theatre and Chorus, Brandon Brune.

Evans’ fine arts department wants students to take the skills they learn in the program and use them in the real world.

“They’re always going to be talking in front of people, they’re always going to have to be sure of themselves, and confident in themselves, and it’s by going through theatre at this age and learning to gain these skills in communication and gain skills in articulation, projection, and being around people, and of course, finding your tribe,” said Brune.

While it’s Brune’s first year teaching the program at the school, he’s been involved in local theatre for quite a while.

“I’m no stranger to theatre here in Augusta. Many of you may have seen me out and about town. I am a born and bred local talent,” said Brune.

“He’s so flexible with all of us. He’s always willing to make sure that we’re having the best experience possible and he’s always supporting us, which I think is really admirable of him,” said Drama Club President, Peyton Harris.

Not only are the students a fan of their teacher; they’re also big fans of the program.

“Well, I’ve been doing drama for the past four years and I can say it’s the only thing I’ve done throughout high school and it’s the best thing I’ve done throughout high school. Being behind the scenes, working tech, stage managing, being on stage,” said senior, Venus Watson.

“I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with a bunch of amazing people and be in amazing productions and make new relationships with everyone and it’s been really good to kind of make new friends through this experience,” said Harris.

Evans High School’s theatre program is a big success, and it will continue to help students for years to come.

“There’s a feeling I get when I walk in the theatre and it’s like I’m home and it feels like no matter what’s going on throughout the rest of the school or whatever’s going on in my personal life, it’s like I walk in, and it’s like this ease that washes over me,” said Watson.

“These kids want to be here. They want to be. This place means something to them. They treat this space like it’s their home and it makes it a lot easier for those who come here actively wanting to work, actively wanting to improve themselves because half the work is already done for you,” said Brune.