Evans High School students leading the charge on Hurricane Relief Drive


As flood waters continue to rise in the Carolina’s, Evans High School HOSA students are hoping to bring in donations for evacuees.

“We knew this was going to be so devastating, especially because it was going to affect so many people close to us,” said Evans High School HOSA Advisor Leslie Vandenabeele

Vandenabeele says her kids sprung into action last week to get the ball rolling.

Then, FBLA students joined in on the effort.

“One of the big things that we teach them in there is being a leader, you give back to your community. You get involved in what’s going on and when you see a need, you need to step up. So our students, when they heard what HOSA was getting together for disaster relief, they felt compelled to help, as well,” said FBLA Advisor April Nunnallee.

So, what can you give?

“Obviously water; it doesn’t have to be just bottles…jugs of water. At the top of the list also is baby items. So, diapers, wipes, formula…preferably already mixed formula. Any type of clothing items, pillows, blankets,” said Vandenabeele

Donations are already coming into the two donation sites which are Allstate and Precision Tune Auto-Care, both on Washington Road in Martinez.

One person even brought in items for man’s best friend.

Once the drive is over and all items are collected on Friday, the students will be reaching out to the Red Cross.

“Once those items are collected, they will put us in contact with who we need to get those items out there to the people,” said Vandenabeele

It’s a different way to show teen spirit and help thousands of people who’ve lost so much.

“You have some people who decided to stay put and now they’re having to be rescued via helicopter and boats so they don’t have time to pick up items that they need,” said Vandenabeele.

Evans High students are now challenging the other Columbia County high schools, making it a county-wide effort with students working to give back things so many of us take for granted.

Donations will be collected through Sept. 21, 2018.  

Donation Items Needed: 
•    Bottles/Jug water 
•    Diapers/Wipes 
•    Formula (preferably premixed)
•    Canned goods and manual can openers 
•    Clothing 
•    Blankets/Pillows 
•    Toiletry items 
•    First Aid items 
•    Hand sanitizer/Cleaning supplies 
•    Pet food 

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