Evacuees see traffic as they seek shelter from Hurricane Dorian


People are on the road and headed our way from the Savannah area all the way to coastal South Carolina to seek shelter from Hurricane Dorian.

Many of them stopped at our local fast food establishments.

NewsChannel 6 caught up with some evacuees while they made their way to shelter.

It is Labor Day weekend, so some of the evacuees are local vacation goers that got their vacation cut short, while others are homeowners, who say they’ve seen they impacts of the hurricane before and left as soon as they could.

Some evacuees say they wish they left a little earlier.

Coastal counties in both Georgia and South Carolina are under mandatory evacuation orders.

Some of those evacuations extend all the way to Florida.

Robin Campbell is from Fernandina Beach, she says hurricanes are all too familiar.

“I went through hurricane Andrew, I lived in Miami at the time. My husband was on oxygen 24/7, and we ran out of power for 21 days,” says Campbell.

The mandatory evacuation started Monday at noon. Tuesday at 8 AM, the eastbound lanes of I-16 from Savannah to Macon will be reversed to help with evacuations.

Evacuee from Savannah, Georgia, John Powers, says, “leave early! I mean we didn’t leave early enough. I thought we did but 16 is backed up, so that’s why we jumped off at Statesboro and decided to come up this way.”

Jenny Geist went to the South Carolina Coast to celebrate Labor Day Weekend, but her vacation was cut short.

“I would assume the people that are boarding up are going to go ahead and leave and head the evacuation orders. I would imagine with every storm like this, there are going to be people there that stick around,” says Geist, “but I certainly would not be sticking around for a storm like this.”

As people on the coast prepare for the worst, she says she is happy to leave early if it’s for her safety.

“We were ready to leave a little bit early just to beat the traffic,” says Geist.

Traffic or not, in times of tragedy, John and Robin say it’s an added excuse to see their families.

“We’re going to Athens to see my girlfriends grandson, he has a bed on the floor for us,” says Powers.

“We have a farm in Hepzhibah GA and that’s where we are headed to. My son lives there with his wife and the kids, and the grandkids aren’t far away,” says Campbell.

Stay with NewsChannel 6 and Chief Meteorolgist George Myers fro the latest on Dorian’s path and to find out whether more evacuations are ordered.

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