AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The Augusta canal has three levels – the second of which is eroding underneath the Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School building.  There are fears that could cause part of the building to collapse.

“We’re involved in it because we’re just kind of overseeing everything on the canal but unfortunately we don’t own it this is city property it’s own by the city “ Said Dayton Sherrouse, Augusta Canal Authority Executive Director.

Sherrouse says the erosion was first noticed in  2016 and presented to the Augusta commission multiple times, he says several factors are causing the problem.

“You’ll just naturally get erosions sometimes at various places and when that happens you need to get in there and fill it in and put a riprap or stone or some kind of retaining wall in to keep it corrected and keep it from happening again” said Sherrouse.

Sherrouse says engineers are only able to fix the erosion under Davidson Fines Arts Magnet school  while students are not in the building, but it will still take months to fix

“Well one of the problems is it’s best done when the school is not in session which is now and of course I guess they’ll be starting classes back in the end of august because it’s going to take some heavy equipment in there to correct the problem”

NewsChannel 6 tried to contact the Richmond County School System to find out whether this problem will delay school, but our calls were not returned.