A local school sets their sights on new horizons during a groundbreaking ceremony at a new campus. 

It has been many years in the making for the Episcopal Day School. Friday the school broke ground at their Flowing Wells campus, an addition to their facilities on Walton Way in Augusta.

The new campus will be centered around getting kids out of the classroom and into nature. Students from three-years-old to eighth graders will be assigned a project every year that will involve the new campus. These projects include studying the growth of plants and in eighth grade, students will research the water quality in Ray’s Creek nearby.

“There’s a faith component, a community, and family component and an athletic component but of course as an educator I’m particularly excited about the hands-on education piece of this campus,” said Head of School Ned Murray.

Third-grade Teacher Gwen Snead, who also has a child enrolled at EDS added, “In general at EDS we really try to teach kids to appreciate what God has given us and I think this land out here teaches them to learn in different capacities and really learn from their peers and work with their peers to create a better world.”

Murray said traffic on Flowing Wells will not be disrupted by construction because building will be confined to the additional campus’ site. Episcopal Day School’s new campus is expected to open fall 2019.