Emileigh Lovering offers to make face masks as a way of helping others while she can’t help dental patients


"I'm certainly not the only one, there's a lot of great people out there who are creating these masks!" ~Emileigh Lovering

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– An Augusta dental hygienist is making the most of her time not at work.

Emily Lovering is doing a labor of love for others, and having a little control over the uncertainty that we’re all feeling right now by being productive… and selfless.

As a dental hygienist, Emily’s used to wearing face masks.

“Yes! Everyday, all day!”

She bought some supplies early on, knowing she’d want to have them on hand for her family and some friends who were nurses.

“I kind of held off for a little while until everything started to get a little more serious and the shortage really began.”

Jennie: “What made you decide, ‘OK, I’m gonna start now, making these face masks’?”

“I had a couple of people ask me because they knew I had a sewing machine and so I started to mess with some fabrics and see what I could do, and it just kind of snowballed after that.”

She put up a post to see if anyone was looking for a mask. Boy, were people looking!

“I put a little post on social media seeing if any of my healthcare friends needed them, or if people who were immunocompromised needed them. I wanted to put a post up just so people could see it and share it a little bit broader, see the types of masks and the different things, and explain that they were free and 100% cotton and all of that good stuff.

“I mean my grandmother taught me how to sew and I took classes when I was younger, so it’s just something to kind of pull out of the history books and try to use to create something that we never thought we would need.”

A skill she learned as a girl, now in high demand!

“I’ve so needed this, just as much as everyone has needed these masks. I’ve so enjoyed being able to spend the time to do this for people. It’s given me something to do everyday. I’m used to having a routine. I like plans, I’m that type of person, so being out of work for so long and being uncertain when we’ll go back, it’s nice to have something every single day that I’m able to do, and then I’m able to help people in the process, which is the great part of being here!”

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