Emergency roof repair results in policy change


A new roof on an old Augusta building is not sitting well with some Commissioners. 

The Central Services Department spent almost $82 thousand dollars for an emergency roof replacement, after the building had already undergone a half million dollar renovation. 

Commissioners say the roof work should have been included in the recent renovations, not after. 

The city administrator also had issues, and says a policy change for future construction is on the way.  

“There should be a complete assessment of the building to identify if there are any other problems that need to be addressed. Other than what are obvious to you. So the Central Services Director Ms Douse has put a new policy in place for her staff, so those complete assessments are supposed to take place and there’s no question about that,” said City Administrator Janice Allen Jackson. 

Last week a commission committee did not recommend approving the $82 thousand dollars for the roof work even though its already been done. 

The full commission is scheduled to take up the debate Tuesday.

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