Edgefield homeowner speaks on attempted home invasion and assault


EDGEFIELD, S.C. – What was a quiet night for an Edgefield family turned into attempted home invasion.the homeowner and neighbors are questioning why they were targeted.

“I don’t know why any body would pick my house or me to assault like they did,” says Floyd Holmes, Edgefield homeowner.

Around 10:30 p.m, on November 21st on Cold Spring Road, Floyd Holmes and his wife, who are both senior citizens, were in their living room when they heard multiple noises coming from outside their home.

“About three of four minutes later it rattled again. She said you hear that, I said yeah. I went there and turned the light on again and didn’t see anybody,” says Holmes.

When Holmes decided to open the door, call out who’s there, and then before he knew it he was attacked.

“I went to turn to shut the door and seen a shadow by my chimney and he came out towards me, he had on a mask. I tried to shut the door before he got to me, but he charged me so fast and he hit me and blood just flew,” says Holmes.

Holmes tells us his wife was able to grab her pistol from the shelf, but the suspect ran away before she could open fire.

The homeowners checked their surveillance camera learning that there were six suspects outside the home for nearly an hour, all were teens and armed with hand guns.

“But I’m living through it. But like I said I forgive them. I would like to see them turn their lives around,” says Holmes.

Despite Holmes’ injury, he tells us it could have been worse and he’s thankful that it didn’t get to that point.

Holmes has lived in this home for 81-years and he tells us it’s the second time this year intruders have came on their property. The first time was back in April.

Neighbors tell us this incident is shocking for their quiet neighborhood and they are looking to take extra precautions for their family’s safety.

“I’ve been debating on automated gates for the front of the drive way already before this event. So this kind of helps solidify those thoughts and just in general more surveillance. I thought about having surveillance on the road just in case something does happen. And this is one of those times where I wish I would have done it,” says Jason Harviloe, neighbor.

Investigators are asking neighbors with surveillance cameras to contact Investigator Ireland at 803-637-5337.

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