Easy steps to lower power bill during record breaking temperatures


Temperatures are supposed to hit triple digits, and people are starting to feel the effects.

Spokesperson for Georgia Power, Meredith Stone, says, “that means people are going to be turning up their air conditioning and all of their appliances and HVAC units are going to be working in overtime.”

Turning our air conditioners on, some of us for the first time in months, can get expensive, but there are cheap ways to keep cool.

“If you have a lot of overgrowth, bushes, shrubs, plants that are growing up around that, cut those back, trim them, and that way you can provide adequate air flow to and from your HVAC unit,” says Stone.

Georgia Power also says that you should be keeping the temperature in your home or apartment at around 78 degrees throughout the day.”

“When you come home it’s already getting darker, it’s starting to cool inside your home and you might not even notice it,” says Stone.

You might think you are saving power by turning off your A/C and turning it back on later, but Bailey’s Comfort Services Project Manager, Joel Ridolfi, says you are actually wasting more power…and that means more money.

“It has to recover from where you initially set it. As an example, if you keep your system set at 78 degrees while you’re at home and that’s your comfortable temperature, we don’t recommend that you turn it up to 80 or 82 when you go off to work because it has to gain back those two to four degrees. So, hence, it’s going to run longer when you get back home,” says Ridolfi.

Whether you rent or own a home, make sure your windows are airtight to keep out hot air.

“Keep shade in the house, keep ceiling fans on,” says Ridolfi.

You can use window weather tape to keep your windows closed.

“It’s got sticky tape on the back, just pull it off stick it on your doors and all of a sudden you have an airtight weather tight door and that can make a big difference,” says Stone.

Georgia Power also says you can hire an internal energy auditor who will tell you on the spot what you small changes you can make to be cost effective.

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