Easter Egg Scramble brings families out to the park


The 19th Annual Columbia County Easter Egg Scramble got many kids running across the park to fill their baskets with eggs and candy. 

“Hunting Eggs!,” says Jackson, Easter Egg Hunter: 

Easter Sunday is approaching and its been a tradition to bring children in the CSRA to the park so they can fill up their baskets with colorful eggs.

“The purpose is always to bring people to the park and bring people together. It’s more of a community service event at this point. We scatter some eggs on the field and people come out and pick them up. It’s completely free for families to enjoy,” says Rachael Enfinger, Events Manager for Columbia County: 

Eggs lure the kids in, but other suprises await them.

“They show up almost expecting a ticket, and then they figure out there’s an easter bunny and bounce houses and train rides. We’re able to provide all of this, because of our sponsors,” Rachael Enfinger.

There were 35,000 eggs scattered on the ground– and different people had their own strategies to get them all. 

“I think I just grab it and locate which one I want. And then I like if someone else grabs that one I just look to see which one I want to grab,” says Kindal, an Easter Egg Hunter.

“I technically work together with people,” says Kiana, an Easter Egg Hunter.

“I just run to the farthest end of the field where nobody is at, so I  can get the eggs on that side before anybody else does.”

Expectations on how many eggs they would take home were high. 

“How many are you hoping to get. Uhm 10,000! 10,000? That’s all of them. How are you going to do that. Uhm try to be like the Flash,” Gavin Reyes, an Easter Egg Hunter: 

“All of them…All of them. Hey! We’re a hardworking family, that’s what we do,” says Marco Mancilla, parent of Easter Egg Hunters. 

Even though the tempature was cold and rainy, parents and kids weren’t discouraged. 

“No, no clearly not right! Put our hoods on and just go for it,” says Katie Embermate, parent of Easter Egg Hunters. 

“I think it’s more kids than we’ve had for that hunt. Maybe because it’s windy and rainy and they wanted to get in there, and get it over with and go home and get warm. But the response is huge. They’re just excited to get out here. They don’t care that it’s raining or it’s cold. They just want egg,” says Rachael Enfinger, Events Manager for Columbia County: 

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