AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Creators of the “Drop the Dis” podcast, Chris Nabholz and David Bash, held a round table discussion with members of the community to try and start a conversation about growing issues in today’s society.

The goal of the forum was to open a dialogue about race relations and see how Augusta can do better.

“People need to start asking questions. We’re in a time where we need to be asking the right questions. We need to be informed on the correct way to react and the correct way to act in today’s society and I think this is a perfect time to do that,” said Chris Nabholz.

The discussion took place at The and featured several community leaders from different backgrounds, including former Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver and civil rights activist Ray Montana.

“It’s important that we have these conversations and this dialogue. Racial reconciliation was a priority of mine for nine years in office. As a private citizen, it’s still a priority of mine. So, I welcome this opportunity today,” said Deke Copenhaver.

“I believe that this conversation is something that we must continue to dialogue concerning the issues that we face in our community concerning the violence against citizens from police officers and also bring on to the table, black on black crimes also,” said Ray Montana.

Chris and David told me they hope the discussion spreads awareness and inspires more members of the community join in.

“They are each giving us their unique perspective on what’s going on with the Black Lives Matter Movement, how government can improve the situations of people everywhere, and what Augusta is doing right and what Augusta could be doing better,” said David Bash.

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