NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) — Authorities in North Augusta are asking you to be vigilant when it comes to “unmarked vehicles” in the area.

“I do not know the exact number. We are starting to hear reports that this may have been occurring in Georgia as well with the same description over the last couple of weeks. That’s all hearsay at this point. It hasn’t been confirmed with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office,” North Augusta Department of Public Safety Corporal Billy Hultman told NewsChannel 6’s Shawn Cabbagestalk.

The driver of the vehicle is identified as an African-American male with a beard. We’re told there is no officer or vehicle in the city matching those descriptions.

Corporal Hultman says that there are teams in the department who drives unmarked vehicles. Some to protect the investigations they are handling and others in administrative roles and narcotics.

“I give the example of cages all of the extra lightings it’s an unnecessary expense and so for that reason, they are able to drive unmarked vehicles because they serve in a more administrative function. The investigators, obviously, don’t need the cages and things of that sort,” he added.

Shawn asked, “So what if I see an unmarked vehicle in my rear-view mirror and I’m not exactly sure if it’s legit or not, what should I do?”

“Our best advice is to activate your emergency flashers, slow down to indicate to us, if it is us, that you are not fleeing from us,” Corporal Hultman said. “Travel to the next well-lit or well-populated area where you feel like there may be people that can see what’s going on and immediately feel free to call us or whatever jurisdiction you’re in,” he added.

We’ll talk about stopping for “unmarked” police vehicles and what you should know starting at 5 on WJBF NewsChannel 6

He also said that cops in unmarked cars are often the most experienced, so they’ll understand if you slow down and turn your hazard lights on knowing to try to get to a well-lit area to call 911.

Also, Ask the Police suggest you keep your car doors locked and having your mobile phone in hand. You can ask to see the officer’s warrant card through the closed window. Only wind down your window or get out of your car when you are sure that it is a genuine police officer.

Meanwhile, if you see the in the North Augusta incident or if you were/are stopped, contact the North Augusta Public Safety Department at 803-279-2121.