Dr. Pringle resigns: Richmond County Board of Education now has homework in finding her replacement


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Just a day after Richmond County students started a new school year, their superintendent announced the end of her time as their leader. On August 7th, board members were informed that Dr. Angela Pringle would take the superintendent’s job at Winston-Salem-Forsyth-County schools in North Carolina.

“I think that they need someone like Dr. Pringle,” said Richmond County Board President, Jimmy Atkins. “It will be a great opportunity for her. She loves a challenge, and there’s a challenge there. Now is the work done in Richmond County, no.”

Some questions still linger after this seemingly sudden decision. Namely, will Dr. Pringle’s departure affect the morale of the students and the future of the school system?

“You got a change in superintendent but not in a change in board,” Atkins. “Our board and our strategic plan have not changed.”

During the meeting, the board members unanimously voted to approve the superintendent’s resignation. They also appointed current deputy superintendent, Matthew Priester, as the interim superintendent.

“Matthew Priester’s expectations are going to be ‘everybody continues to do work you’re doing,” explained Atkins.

Priester will fill that void until confirmation of a new superintendent. The board is looking at former deputy superintendent Kenneth Bradshaw who worked for the Richmond County School System from December 2014 until retiring in June 2018.

“Although we’re sad to see her leave; the right person is hopefully coming if he will expect our offer,” said Atkins.

The Board President says pringle’s absence will not deter the goal of improving Richmond County’s learning environments.

“We want someone aware of the work that is going on,” explained Atkins. “Who has been apart of the work, and the continue the vision of the board.”

Dr. Pringle has been the superintendent for five years and implemented a new grading system. She also changed a lot of school start and end times as well as established specialized schools. Dr. Pringle’s last day in Augusta will be august 30th.

Photojournalist: Will Baker

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