AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) – Dozens of people are now facing charges after two road-block checks led to several arrests and the seizure of guns and drugs.

The checkpoints were a part of Gang Resistance and Community Engagement known as Operation GRACE — a joint operation between the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, FBI, GBI and other agencies.

“Every time that we do any kind of major operation or initiative there’s always a residual effect throughout the county,” Chief Deputy Patrick Clayton said.

Chief Deputy Patrick Clayton said the road checks were for traffic safety ahead of the July 4th weekend — but in the process deputies made 29 arrests and seized 11 guns.

“We also made a bunch of gun and drug arrests as well so a residual effect usually of those road checks is that helps to help us reduce gang and violent crime,” Clayton said.

Deputies conducted roadblock checks at Richmond Hill and Bungalow road as well as Kissingbower and White Road.

In total deputies seized nearly three thousand grams of marijuana, 5.6 grams of cocaine, 67.8 grams of meth, and 128 oxycodone pills.

Clayton said the multiple arrests and the seizure of drugs and guns also helps to curb gun violence, gang activity, and drug trafficking.

“The more people like that that we get, we’re able to get them in jail and they’re going to be incapacitated for quite a while. That really has a significant reduction on crime.”

More checkpoints are planned, but deputies would not say when or where.