Downtown Augusta went green earlier Friday afternoon as people celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day all day long.

Hundreds of people gathered for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. 

“Every year I go out and celebrate, whether it’s here or somewhere else. But, this year I decided to stay local and celebrate here,” Ashalee said.

For some people this celebration has become a family tradition. And for others, this celebration is more than a tradition.

“It’s my birthday, so of course I wanted to come out and celebrate, and what better way than St. Patrick’s Day. So, it’s all the beautiful green, everybody– everybody’s celebrating my birthday,” Ashalee said.

Augusta’s St. Patrick Day parade is one of the largest in Georgia. Folks from near and far have come from all parts of the state and were excited to celebrate here. 

“To be here in Augusta because it’s much smaller atmosphere than Savannah– ‘cause I came here from Savannah to be here with my aunt and my cousin, and this is just an awesome experience,” Natalie Simmons said.

While this celebration is one of culture and religion for some, others have joined in support for this day. 

“Well it’s a lot of fun, Augusta used to have a lot of parades on Broad Street and now I think this is it. It– it’s an exciting time, Augusta likes to celebrate,” Member of Irish-American Heritage Society Anne said.

It was a fun-filled day for all the lucky people who came and celebrated.