AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) Beautify Augusta is a non profit organization that supports the installation of public works of art by bringing together local business owners, and artists.

“It’s important to have these public works of art and things like that downtown just to help bring people down to this area that supports local businesses and increases traffic down here, makes the area safer and helps people engage in the downtown area,” said Co-Founder of Beautify Augusta, Jessica Baskette.

“They help with future projects. We try to get potential monies or a sponsorship for a certain project, and they do whatever they can, there’s no limitation. They do represent the local artists,” said Artist/Musician, Aort Reed.

Beautify Augusta is all about helping artists and local businesses, and they’re continuing to do that with their latest project the Downtown Coloring Book.

“The Downtown Coloring Book is a vision of my counterpart Jeremy Rueggeberg, he just had this idea create something that would be fun and engaging for people of all ages to really see our downtown businesses and learn a little bit about the owners, a little bit about the business in a fun and unique way,” said Baskette.

The Downtown Coloring book features pictures of local businesses and their owners on pages that you can color.

“We have seen a lot of support from local businesses who just thought it was a really unique idea and a really interesting way to tell their story and to get their pictures and images of their business front’s out there as well,” said Baskette.

“It’s a lot of fun and I think it’s going to go a long way to driving new people downtown. People who come down for one specific restaurant will probably go some other places now and that is kind of the goal,” said Matt Flynn, the Co-owner of Stillwater Taproom.

Not only does the coloring book highlight local business but it also showcases some of the local art as well.

“With all of the artwork in the city being in this coloring book people are really going to be educated and they’ll be able to go and see these murals and so it’s an experience all the way around,” said Reed.

Once the book is finished, the money made from selling them will go right back to a good cause.

“We’re going to use these funds to support Beautify Augusta projects, public works of art through murals, things that are really interactive that will bring people to the downtown area,” said Baskette.

There’s no official date yet for the book’s release so if you’re a business trying to get involved, Beautify Augusta encourages you to reach out.

“If someone wants to get involved with Beautify Augusta and the coloring book project you can find us on social media, Instagram, and Facebook at Beautify Augusta. You can also email us at,” said Baskette.