AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — For some downtown business owners like John Curry, the opening of the 5th Street Bridge could mean more customers for his business.

“Anything to bring more people to this side of downtown will be helpful to us,” co-owner of Buona Cafe John Curry said.

Buona Cafe sits right across from the 5th St. Bridge, something Curry hopes will draw in customers.

“We have of course the Riverwalk which comes down at 6th and the bridge starts at 5th, so its a place where they’ll maybe walk from one to the other and they’ll go right by our shop. We’ll have flags by the road so when we’re open people will know that. I think it will be more foot traffic and people will see us,” Curry said.

Tonya Boswell opened Fetch 501 just a few months ago, she said the opening of the 5th Street Bridge could bring customers and their pets to the dog boutique.

“They’ll just walk by us and say, ‘hey, let’s just go in and look’ because we’re getting new stuff daily,” Boswell said.

She’s said it could bring much needed business to her shop and others in the downtown area.

“I’m hoping it will increase business and increase foot traffic especially downtown. All of the businesses down here can definitely use an increase in traffic,” Boswell said.

The city is planning a ribbon cutting for the bridge in October.