Downtown Augusta still a destination for some after shooting


No arrests have been made yet in an investigation into a shooting in downtown Augusta. It happened early Sunday morning while a man and his friends were walking along Broad Street.

“I was pretty shocked,” said Brooke Joiner, who frequest downtown Augusta.  “I was.”

A trip from a sandwich shop turned dangerous early Sunday morning when shots rang out on Broad Street. 

“There was, a couple of years ago down at the River Watch, a man with a pipe, but other than that it has been pretty safe down here,” said Wayne Bohannon, who lives and works downtown.

And it’s shocking news to people who frequent the area.  A Richmond County Sheriff’s Office case report states the assault with a gun happened around 2:00 a.m. The victim, 25-year-old William Moore, told us he was leaving Knuckle Sandwiches on 11th and Broad before it all happened. The report sates a group of people were outside arguing before three to five gunshots in random directions happened.  One of the bullets hit Moore in the foot and he ran two blocks up to The Loft to call for help. 

Joiner added, “I mean you haven’t really heard anything about downtown with shootings in a while.  Downtown has kind of grown as the place to go.”

And it’s a place many people say they will still go, including Moore who said he was heading back to Joe’s Underground, a place the musician said he will return to despite being shot.  Friends with him during the incident aren’t going anywhere either.  Moore shared on social media that he’s now okay and at home.  

“I live and work downtown and I’m always feeling safe,” said Bohannon 

“You’re going to find that anywhere in any city,” Joiner said.  “And I’m not going to be afraid to come downtown just because something happened. I love downtown.  And it’s growing.  I love all of the businesses opening up and the bars and the clubs.  It’s not going to stop me at all.”

At this time no arrests have been made in the shooting incident.

Photojournalist: Mark Gaskins

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