AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — A new Augusta housing development is underway to serve our veteran community. 

“It’s our obligation. It’s our job to provide the services that people need,” said Jordan Johnson, Augusta’s District 1 Commissioner. “And housing is not just something that you get folks- they get it and they have it and, if they don’t, fine- it’s a right. It’s something that you deserve. It’s something that you should not be denied because you can’t afford it.”

Augusta Housing and Community Development have partnered with local developer Jeremy Johnson to provide affordable housing for Augusta veterans. 

“This project is very important to me as a combat veteran, a disabled veteran,” said Jeremy Johnson, Director of Investor Relations at Vetted Investments and Acquisitions, LLC. “This project is going to allow veterans who have already served who are downsizing to be closer to the VA hospital, which is where I currently receive medical services from. And it’s really positioning us to have a ‘stay connect’ community and to also be close to the services that we’ve earned through our combat service.”

The Greene Point Community is part of the larger Laney Walker/Bethlehem Revitalization Project led by Hawthorne Welcher, Jr.

“When we talk about these things and when we talk about affordable housing, we never really talk about it from a veterans standpoint,” said Welcher. “We never talk about it from a homeowner’s investment. So, that’s one of the reasons why I jumped at it.”

Located on Cedar Street, the project will help improve the community without pricing out its current residents. 

A groundbreaking ceremony happened downtown Thursday afternoon, attended by Augusta leaders and residents. 

 “As an old soldier,” said Ernest Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Realty One Group Visionaries. “I am both humbled and honored to be connected to a project that is giving back to the very community that poured so much into me.”

Jeremy Johnson says the community will support veterans with 80 to 100 percent disability, allowing them the income to afford properties without having to go back to work or needing supplemental income.

“We have not been forgotten,” said Jeremy Johnson. “And I appreciate all of your support in making that possible.”

Greene Point Community is set to be available by late spring 2023.