Doubletree not part of homeless program despite city official assurances


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) The management at the Double Tree has been saying it for about a week now when it comes to the city’s plans to shelter homeless at the hotel.

“We’re not going to be welcoming homeless in mass that we have no agreement in place,” said Marty Matfess, of SIG Management the manager of the Doubletree.

The Doubletree’s name surfaced as part of the Homeless Hotel program last week when the Housing and Community Development in a memo said H-C-D is exclusive to Doubletree

But Last week we first reported the Doubletree was not on board to be a general homeless shelter.

But when Commissioners questioned the Housing Department Director they were assured the Doubletree was all in .

“Doubletree is waiving all fees they’re waving all incidental fees they’re not asking the city they’re not asking the city to provide any type of credit card or any type of holdings they’re providing transportation as well,” said Hawthorne Welcher, Director of Housing and Community Development.

“His quot completely mis-characterized, we had no agreement in place and we wouldn’t have an agreement like that for any group under any circumstances,” said Matfess.

Commissioners approved the homeless program after being told the city would face no liabilities for damages.

“The Doubletree has waived all liability as well for a city perspective there’s no liability.from Augusta Georgia perspective,” said Welcher.

“We do not waive fees any group that bring people into our business whether its a wedding group or a corporate group they are responsible for the conduct and the actions of the people they bring in. and we would neve waive that,” said Matfess.

And when it comes to the city’s homeless hotel program wave goodbye to the Doubletree in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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