Christmas is just 5 days away, and law enforcement is working to make sure people on the roads don’t wreck the holidays before decking the halls.

Last Christmas, 15 people in Georgia died from drunk driving and nearly 200 got DUIs. People will be celebrating Christmas and the New Year these next two weekends. That’s why Burke County Sheriff’s Office is teaming with Georgia’s Highway Safety Office to make sure people get home safely. 

Last Thursday, Burke County Sheriff’s Office held a routine road block, and in two hours, Chief Deputy Lewis Blanchard said 15 people got DUIs– 4 of those were paired with drug related charges. Burke County has already amped up road patrol, bringing in additional Georgia State Patrol Officers. 

“A lot of people are going to parties, so they’ll most likely be drinking alcohol. There’s never a specific number that you can say, but the average person can legally and normally drink 2 or 3 drinks and still be okay to drive,” Chief Deputy Blanchard told NewsChannel 6. “That is all depending on the person, but it is that 4th drink or the drink that’s over poured, that puts you into being in the illegal limit for driving. And it’s just not worth it.  You’ve got all these opportunities now: Taxi’s or friends.”

The Governors Office of Highway Safety’s Facebook page says compared to last year, Georgia is down 7% in traffic deaths. Starting Friday night lasting until January 2nd, AAA is offering rides in Georgia to members and non-members. All you have to do is call: (855) 2-TOW-2-GO or (855) 286-9246.