A local woman is sharing her experience with domestic violence. She hopes her story will help protect other women.

Chase Beckworth
Convicted of Aggravated Assault & Possession of a Knife During the Commission of a Crime

In 2018, Chase Beckworth was convicted of aggravated assault and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime. Court records show that he pleaded under first offender status and served less than 2 years behind bars.

The victim, Sarah Law, shared her story to Facebook. Her post has been shared more than 14- hundred times and has hundreds of comments.

NewsChannel Six’s Ashley Osborne sat down with her today. A warning– some of the details in her story are graphic.

“Really, all I could think about was, I’m going to die.” Sarah law describes what she says happened in January of last year, when her ex-husband showed up to her new house.

Watch the full interview with Sarah Law below

“He rushes in and immediately his hands are around my throat. He’s trying to cover my nose so that I can’t breathe.” She says the struggle escalated and he pulled out a knife. “He just makes a move to stab me the first time and he makes contact with my abdomen. He reaches around me and stabs down into my back and makes contact twice and he just barely missed my spine.”

She says, she was able to get away, took the knife, ran upstairs, locked herself in her room and called 911.

“When I actually went to court, they made the case that it was his first offense that he was an upstanding citizen before that and that because he had gone to college and because he had a good job that he didn’t deserve to have this affect him the rest of his life…”It’s going to affect me way more than him because I’m going to have to live in fear every single day of my life and live with the anxiety and the panic attacks that come with it.”

An inmate search shows Chase Beckworth is no longer in the Columbia County Jail. He served less than 2 years behind bars. The sheriff’s office says he is still in custody as part of a transition program.

“I’ve had women contact me and a couple of the women have told me that they were talking to him on Tinder. That was kind of my main fear was either that he would come back for me or he would do it to somebody else.”