Domestic Violence Survivor lives to tell her story


The state of Georgia ranks 9th in the nation for the rate at which women are killed by men. 

“There is one here that I hide with a picture from one night , he woke me up upset about something and punched a whole in the wall.”

In Richmond County Georgia more than 2,500  domestic violence cases are prosecuted annually. Tyeasha Vanburen is a part of that statistic.
She is a  domestic violence survivor.

“There was always just those little things you can dismiss, that were huge problems with him… were major red flags at the end once I learned what real red flags were.”

And even though others may see that as a bad thing… she says she is thankful she lived to tell her story.

“I remember laying there as he was choking me praying for my life and just pleading with God like, if I get out of this I will never do this again.”

Vanburen sought help at safe homes. A place where victims can come for peace of mind. Executive Director Aimee Hall says the hardest part, is deciding to leave. 

“We tell them, if they’re calling you names, trying to keep you from working , from family memebers, if they’re abusing the pets than those are all warning signs.”

Vanburen looks back and forgives herself for ignoring the signs. turning a new leaf to a fresh start and welcoming a wiser version of herself. 

“It’s to remind myself of how far I’ve come and to not ever be this girl again.”

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