“Doggy Day Out” promotes adoption, relieves shelter stress


October is a slower pet adoption month with school back in session and the holidays shortly arriving.

So, the Aiken Animal Shelter holds a program called “Doggie Day Out” allowing people to take the four legged friends out for the day to help relieve animal stress.

FOTAS Volunteer, Donna Dring, says, “I brought one back and there was someone looking at another dog that was kind of big, and I said ‘well this guy is terrific.’ Well, they ended up taking him.”

Dring participates in “Doggie Day Out” quite often.

“Oh, I’ve got a list about that long,” says Dring.

She has not adopted, but the shelter calls this a domino effect.

Hillary Clark-Kulis with the Aiken Animal Shelter says, “I mean any time we can show a dog out of it’s kennel, show what it’s really like, people can see it, envision it in their life I think a lot easier.”

The program helps the shelter learn the dogs behaviors because they get one-on-one time with other humans.

“It let’s us know maybe what their favorite toy might be, what they like to eat, that they like to roll around in the grass. You never now what you’re going to find out when people take these animals its really fun to discover their personalities,” says Clark-Kulis.

The shelter selects dogs based on what you will do with them, finding the most suitable dog for the activity that day.

“We’re going to pick somebody who if you’re going to walk in the woods it’s going to be easy to walk. If you want somebody to ride in the car with you, we are going to pick somebody who likes to ride,” says Clark-Kulis.

Something Dring is used to.

“So, I like to take them out. Even just riding in the car. Some of them might not want to get in the car right away, and then by the end of the day they’re jumping in and out,” says Dring.

Adopting a dog or not, taking these dogs out help relieve shelter stress, especially with those that have been there a long time.

“When we choose to take a ‘Doggy Day Out’ with those dogs, they kind of breathe new life into them and gives them a hope that hey there is something besides this kennel here and the people here. There is something out there for them and they start greeting people again and really sell themselves,” says Clark-Kulis.

“I love doggy day out I mean these dogs just have so much love to give,” says Dring.

‘Doggie Day Out” isn’t just a one time thing, you can do it Monday-Friday as long as you have an ID card and fill out some paper work.

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