AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – National EMS week is a time to honor those who work on the frontlines.

Every year, Doctors Hospital recognizes local EMS teams for their hard work and dedication to the community.

“We wanted to take time and to just recognize them and say ‘thank you’ for everything that they do. They come in the help us make sure that patients get treatment timely, for somebody that’s having a stroke or a heart attack, or somebody that’s been in a car wreck. They are just a vital part of everything that we do and making sure that our health care system works the way it should,” said Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, Sherry Robbins.

EMS teams gathered for a nice lunch, while awards were given out for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Some receiving their awards were surprised to be honored.

“I’m a little speechless. Paramedic of the Year, voted by my peers, that’s a big honor. I love my job here, I love the people I work with, we have a great team of people here, awesome nurses and doctors here, and they’re what makes the day easier,” said Paramedic of the Year Award winner, Michelle Lazenby.

Working through the pandemic these past years have been difficult. That’s why honoring these EMS teams are more important than ever.

“COVID has definitely been challenging, but the good thing about our community partners here is that everybody comes together and works well, really looking out for the best interest of the patient,” said Robbins.

“We have a great team here at Doctors and that makes all the difference,” said Lazenby.

Honoring EMS heroes is important and the folks at Doctors Hospital are more than appreciative of everything they do.

“I just want to tell them thank you, being in the frontlines like they are is a little bit different. We’re in a controlled environment in the hospital and they’re not. They’re the first on the scene, so in addition to looking out for the patient they have to look out for their own safety, and the safety of others that wonder up on the situation, or the scenes; so we want to make sure and tell them thank you because what they do is so vitally important to all of our patients and just making sure that everyone is safe,” said Robbins.