AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Doctors Hospital is recognizing a brave young boy.

8-year-old Ezekiel Stewart was recently admitted into the pediatric unit after a house fire.

“Apparently, his dog Bruno was in their dog crate, started barking, was able to escape the crate, and then woke up Zeke,” said Director of Pediatrics, Angela Thomas.

“Bruno barked and I went outside to get deep breaths, went back inside to get my brother, and went outside to get the hose and tried to put the fire out, but that was not working, so I went outside and warned my brother and I knocked on the front door and Daddy was getting out,” said Zeke.

“This is a picture of the house and the bedroom where Zeke and Isaiah were asleep. We’re just amazed and in awe they were able to get out of the house with as little injuries as they have,” said Zeke’s grandmother, Sharmen Pressley.

A neighbor saw the fire and called 911.

Gabrielle McCauley, Zeke’s mother, got a phone call from her husband saying that the house was on fire.

“When I pulled up at the fire, my husband was in the yard, and I couldn’t find the kids or the dog or anybody. There was so many fire trucks. Once I got to the kids, they had burns on their arms and on their ears and my dog was probably 80-percent burned on his head. Once we got on the ambulance, they realized Zeke had inhaled a lot of smoke. He started telling me that he went back into the house and got his brother, that they were asleep on the bed and they just woke up to flames,” said McCauley.

Zeke’s bravery saved his 6 year-old-brother Isaiah’s life.

“I didn’t want him to get burnt by the fire,” said Zeke.

“It completely blows my mind. It is incredible that anyone would have the thought process during such an event, but to know that this was an 8-year-old child who admittedly was scared and had fear but went back in to save his family,” said Thomas.

The folks at Doctors Hospital were so impressed by Zeke’s bravery, they wanted to do something special for him. They got him a medal, some toys, and a cape, because to them he’s a real-life superhero.

“I think he was pleasantly surprised. I still don’t think he understands the concept of exactly what he did and the bravery that was in him at that time, but, yes he loves his toys,” said Thomas.
Zeke’s family is also very proud.

“I told him that he was my hero and Bruno was my hero,” said Pressley.

“We’re very proud of him and can’t wait to see what he grows up to be in the future, because he’s got big things ahead of him,” said McCauley.

Both Zeke and his brother had minor injuries. Bruno is at the vet healing as well.