AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The skies had that look that causes concern in some city neighborhoods, the last thing they want to see is a lot of rain. 

“You would see my yard, full of water, you would see the yard across the street full of water, it doesn’t last but so many hours but it still you don’t know what the damage the water is doing to your home,” said one resident.  

Christine Goolsby has lived on Lionel Street for 38 years, and has paid the stormwater fee since 2016, but she says with of the lack of maintenance on her street’s ditches, neighbors have been getting it done themselves 

“The one on the corner, she had paid for people to clean the ditch, the one on this corner has paid people to clean the ditches,” said Goolsby.

In Fleming Acres, Drae Dix has concerns about the creek that cuts through the neighborhood, we asked if the city is doing enough to maintain areas like this.

“Not in some of these areas, but the main roads with the orange on, you know, they’ll work hard on those roads, but these areas like this they look over,” said Dix.  

Commissioner Dennis Williams represents both areas and says ditches are being cut but not as fast as he would like.

“With the way things are now the way everything is going with staffing and all we don’t have the manpower we normally had so a lot of times it takes more time,” said Commissioner Williams.

“You do your job, that’s all I want,” said Goolsby.

And for these residents here, hopefully before the next storm hits in Augusta.