Augusta District 4 residents voice concerns over commissioner appointment


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Community leaders say they’re fed up with not being involved in decisions concerning the city of Augusta. The latest concern stems from the appointment of District 4 Commissioner Alvin Mason.

“I want to be heard, I want to be heard, I want to be heard.”

Voices carried through downtown Augusta Tuesday morning outside of the municipal building from frustrated District 4 residents.

Several community organizations, including the NAACP and the neighborhood alliance, rallied together, demanding their voices be heard.

“Speaking for the citizens of Richmond county a lot of people have voiced concerns about not being included in the decisions that were being made about their communities,” said Rozlyn Shephard, a member of the Neighborhood Alliance.

Shephard says one of those concerns has to do with the appointment of District 4 Commissioner Alvin Mason.

“It was just about the process. It’s a decision you’re making that will affect our community and even though it was for district 4 it will affect the other communities because of how people in their district in terms of commissioners affect what goes on in the city,” said Shephard.

Commissioner Mason was appointed to District 4 back in September after Sammie Sias was removed by Governor Kemp due to an ongoing federal investigation. Organizers say a motion to delay the appointment of Mason was ignored.

“I think, given the fact that the motion was made, to just delay it for one week, I mean, if there was a reason why it couldn’t be, that’s okay. We understand that, what was the reason why it couldn’t be delayed when you skipped a part of the process,” said Shephard.

NewsChannel 6 took those concerns directly to the newly appointed Commissioner Mason.

“There’s a specific protocol for assigning the commissioner. The governor signed a declaration that the commission would make a decision and the commission made the decision. It’s not the commission make a decision and go out and talk to this organization and that organization,” said Commissioner Mason.

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