Director of Cyber Workforce Academy discusses cyber future in Augusta


Cyber is coming and Augusta is trying to get a handle on the movement.

The Director of the Cyber Workforce Academy spoke to women in business at the Augusta Chamber’s luncheon.

The majority of this room was filled with women, but in the speech we heard it was more about cyber’s future for everybody here in Augusta.

Director of Cyber Workforce Academy, Sarah Rees, says in her speech, “army cyber as everyone knows is coming. So, in the next two years, we’ll see a huge uptick in the folks and the resources that are coming here from army cyber.”

Rees, a woman, is normalizing a gender equal idea in the cyber field.

“I’ve seen a lot of increase in women in these types of positions and interested in these types of roles, and it’s really encouraging because we have to have that different perspective,” says Rees.

Cyber is not just affecting women. In fact, men, children, families are traveling from Virginia to fill their service duties right here.

“We have to get better at reacting and taking action. So, that could mean the way we address education in a school, the way we address our roads and infrastructure improvements, and it could mean how we address securing our technology,” says Rees.

In her speech, she says, “now, we say they’re coming down, but we also know they are not all coming. Not everybody is going to move from Virginia, so there will be gaps. Lots of gaps to fill in this community as far as needs.”

Those needs are not just custom to army cyber. Rees says cyber security is looked as a puzzle piece to every job. She says we need to shape the culture here so people will stay here.

“Every company uses the internet and digital resources and they need to secure their data. They need to secure their communications. So, we need to look at it as a broad need, and yes, the military and the government has a need to secure their systems, but so do every one of your fortune 500 companies. Every one of your small local businesses,” says Rees.

She says we won’t excel if we don’t work together.

“We’re looking to foster that collaborative spirit, share effort, and go further faster,” says Rees.

She says come next year is when we are going to see a lot more visibility of cyber here in the CSRA.

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