Did your child make it to school safe? New app will let you know


Putting your children on a school bus can be scary for some parents. But there is a new app you can download on your phone that will bridge the gap to tell you the location of your kid’s bus.  

“In the last year, we have switched our routing system over to a new system,” explained Richmond County Board of Education Director of Transportation, Dewayne Porter. 

There could plenty of reasons why a school bus may not be at the bus stop on time; weather, traffic, or mechanical problems could contribute.

Now the Richmond County BOE has a new app for parents to be able to see in real time on a map where their kid’s bus is.

The app is called “Safe Stop.” Dwayne Porter says after testing it last year, they are confident parents will worry less about sending their kids to school.

“Hopefully there is no more standing out in the bad weather hoping the bus gets there on time,” said Porter. “This is just another form of communication that we never had before.” 

Richmond County is one of only two school districts in the state that’s using the app.

But how does the Safe Stop work? Porter says by pulling student information allows them to create routes. 

“Transfinder pulls this information from infinite campus which is a student database that we use, and it populates their address name addresses and allows us to create a route for a particular bus and at every school,” said Porter. 

Students in Richmond County will start school on Monday. The director of transportation says parents should be able to keep up with kids on their mobile devices, with the new routes the put in.

“We’ve been putting the finishing touches on routes,” explained Porter. “There were a lot of zone changes this past year to lead up to this school year.”

If you choose not to download the Safe Stop app, you can call the Richmond County Department of Transportation at (706) 796-4777. 

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