MILLEN, GA. (WJBF)- A new clinic in Jenkins County will help those dealing with diabetes. Today officials cut the ribbon on the facility. 

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, nearly 1 million people in the state of Georgia have been diagnosed with diabetes this year alone and local healthcare providers are working right in their back yard to reduce that number.

The need for medical care in rural areas still exists, especially in towns like Millen.

“High population of diabetic patients– type two diabetic patients. Diabetes leads to other major diseases, such as heart disease and is a contributing factor to patients going on dialysis. So, our key with this diabetes clinic is try to slow that process,” Jenkins CO. Medical Center CEO Antoine Poythress said.

But a new Diabetic Management Clinic at Jenkins County Medical Center, is a step in the right direction. 

“With the use of this diabetes clinic, we can now go after one of the major causes of heart disease in the state, by helping address people with diabetes and helping them cope with their disease,” Poythress said.

The clinic will provide patients with the chance to work against the disease.

“Usually A-1C’s above 5.5, that gives us a chance to be interventional with some of the earlier on set– you know patients that are first starting to understand and learn about the disease,” CEO of clinic admin. Lenny Schonfeld said.

The people who built this clinic looked for doctors who are focused on diabetes care.

“We really have a chance to have an impact with the patients. So, we wanna be able to have physicians and providers that really have a passion for that,” Schonfeld said.

Healthcare workers are stressing the importance for education on the disease. 

“We want the community to become totally aware of how the disease works and how to prevent the disease and how to live with the disease,” Poythress said. 

The clinic is open to the public from eight in morning to five in the evening.