Depot project officially ends


A cool video Riverfront at the Depot name on the sign is all that remains now from the 94 million dollar depot development project.

With more of a whimper than a bang the Downtown Development Authority voted to bring the depot project to a close.

“It is disappointing for sure that the effort time and enthusiasm that generated from this project from the very beginning is anti climatic at this point,” said Cameron Nixon of the Downtown Development Authority.

After five years of work the Downtown Development Authority voting to accept the termination of the development agreement with Bloc Global and to return a little more than 100 thousand dollars in earnest money to the company.

“It is disappointing I’ve been on this board for three years and seen a lot of action a lot of meetings a lot of hours outside trying to see this thing happen it is disappointing,” said Rick Keurglian, who is Chair of the Downtown Development Authority.

Officials say the depot’s project demise started five years ago when the city committed 500 parking spots for Unisys at or near the depot site, the deport project had a planned parking deck, but not enough for the Unisys commitment and a suitable parking arrangement could not be worked out.

“One of the prime issues that was identified five years ago was not resolved and that was parking spaces promised to Unisys, unfortunately we were unable before the deadline an alternative that was acceptable to Unisys,” said Jack Evans of the Development Authority.

The depot project did not materialize, but what about future developments on this site.

“I think the answer is we need to solve the structural issues regarding the parking agreement on that site,” said Nixon.

“I’m confident we can find a good use for it but we have to get everybody on the same page from the start and do it right,” said Evans.

“Yes we need another parking deck absolutely I think that’s good for all businesses in that area it’s good for more development coming we need a parking deck,” said Keuroglian.

A new parking deck in this area is something Augusta commissioners are talking about behind closed doors a parking deck that could serve Unisys as well as the eastern end of downtown, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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