Depot project concerns prompts meeting


It’s being called Riverfront at the Depot, high end apartments, retail and commercial space, it’s been talked about for years but now some commissioners say they don’t see it taking place.

“There’s no sense to bottleneck this getting to the point where people don’t know whose on first and what’s on second,I’m saying we need to scratch it right here I think we need to do something else,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

“Are you ready are you comfortable that this project is a go?”

“No we still have some questions to be answered I think that will still need some talks,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

Commissioners still have questions about whether the project will provide adequate parking for Unisys, and whether if the city commits 12 million dollars will phase two get built right now there is no guarantee from the developer.

“All commissioners want to be fair about this and if we don’t get the answers that we need we may have to do something other than what we are doing right now,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

That has Commissioner John Clarke, suggesting city leaders sit down with the DDA, and BLOC Global the developers and work it out.

“Ask questions we don’t have answers to so we’ll get a real fundmental understanding because right now we can’t make an intelligent decision based on a lot of different stories,” said Commissioner Clarke.

“This will be a critical get together you think,?”

I don’t think the word critical I think it will be beneficial just to have everyone in the room to go over any issues or challenges questions that they have,” said Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Margaret Woodard.

Commissioners were scheduled to discuss the depot project at this afternoon’s meeting however after word of this meeting which was worked out this afternoon the item was deleted, the plan is to hold this sit down sometime next week.

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