Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is spending part of his week in the Palmetto State


ALLENDALE, S.C. (WJBF) — Six candidates have qualified for the next democratic debate in December. With the race in full swing, one candidate is hoping to make a significant push.

In Allendale, Pete Buttigieg “Mayor Pete,” as he’s known, is spreading his mission to provide broadband for rural America, and improving the learning and safety environment for our kids. He says the reason why his team is in Allendale is that rural America has a voice too.

“You can’t just assume because certain pockets of the national media are talking about your campaign; that folks going about their lives, even political active folks know you, especially when you’re newer,” explained Buttigieg.

The chairman of the Allendale County Democratic Party told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, the county has not had a presidential candidate campaign there since 2008. Willa Jennings says people who live in rural areas of America are interested in those who are interested in them.

“We have high unemployment,” Jennings. “We have challenges with our schools, and we are poor. “However, our citizens will still get out and vote. They will vote regardless of the challenges we have.”

One challenge that Jennings is bringing to Mayor Pete is low employment in the area. She says most people have to travel to Hilton Head for work.

“There is no employment here,” explained Jennings. “They get up at 5 AM to ride a bus and leave their children home to go to school. Sometimes they go to school and sometimes don’t because there is no supervision.”

Mayor Pete also talked about the importance of making college available and affordable for everyone.

“Where I come from, three out of four people don’t have a college degree,” said Buttigieg. “And if the message we are sending to them is we need a college degree to get by in life, we are leaving most Americans out.”

This is one stop of many to get his name out to those who may not know him before he goes against his opponents in a debate in Los Angles.

Buttigieg’s campaign also stopped at South Carolina State University today. He will be in Okatie South Carolina tomorrow.

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