Demo company says inmate crews easier said than done


 Getting more help to deal with Augusta’s abandoned building problem might be easier said than done. 

Commissioners will debate Tuesday a proposal to create a subcommittee to study using an inmate crews to help demolish blighted buildings.

Right now the city uses private companies for demolitions.

Those  in the demo business say it will be expensive to create an inmate  crew and the city would  be liable if property is damaged or people get hurt. 

“And keeps liability off the city that’s a huge part of this just what is the liability for them,so I think  a lot of the people who work around us would say liability is huge, here and it’s not a liability the city needs to take on,” said John Partridge of Marks Demolition, a company that does demolition work for the city. 

 Right now there are more than 200 abandoned structures  in the pipeline to be torn down.

According to commissioner Ben Hasan, who is leading the effort to create the  inmate crew only about three dozen buildings on average  are torn down every year. 

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