Decal stays on mayor’s SUV unless commission acts


The Augusta city logo is still a go on the Mayor’s new SUV.

“It’s up to the commission now. We did what the law said we needed to do that’s it. It’s not about putting it on or taking it off we had to go through that process,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

The process was a public hearing, required if the commission was going to exempt the vehicle from having a decal. 

There were two speakers against having the decals removed,

“I vote to decal the car because if the car is paid by us we should follow the state law and do that,” said  Annette Turob, who signed up to speak.

Commissioners voted to put the decals on the SUV, and then hold the public hearing, now the public has spoken commissioners will decided whether to remove them.

“I think we should honor the mayor’s request I do think after this we should take the decal off,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams. 

“The people want on the decal a lot of the telephone calls that I received was to put the decal on the truck, on the vehicle rather if the vehicle is owned by the city,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

Mayor Davis was against decaling the vehicle, saying he fell under the law enforcment exemption , City Attorney Andrew Mackenzie, backed  that position and angering some commissioners and he resigned under pressure, turning the issue into the decal debacle.

“This is one of those simple things George, that we should have handled. There shouldn’t have been as much hoopla as there was,” said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

“I would have put the decal on the vehicle and gone about my business but that’s me,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

The city Fleet Manager put a temporary decal on the Mayors vehicle, leading up to the public hearing so it can be removed if commissioners vote to follow the mayor’s wishes. A permanent one will be attached if commissioners decided to keep the truck decaled. 

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